Blue and black or white and gold? The District Post director tries on #TheDress

A two tone dress, sold at Roman Originals has seen the entire world divided after a photo of the dress went viral.

The dress, which is exclusively produced by Roman was much discussed as to wether it was blue and black or white and gold.

The dress was confirmed to be blue and black and varying views were due to differences in how the brain perceives colour and lighting conditions.

Roman has seen a surge in sales of the £50 dress since the image went viral.

Nicola Ferdinando, store manager at Roman’s Horsham branch said: “It’s been crazy in here, people were coming in on Saturday queuing up to buy the dress. It’s been great fun and there’s been a real buzz.”

Roman Originals have produced a gold and white dress in the same design for comic relief which was sold in a charity auction.

You can still buy the dress, modeled by District Post director, Davey Pearson, at Roman in Swan Walk, Horsham.

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