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A Dark Reflection premieres in Horsham

Horsham transformed into Hollywood on Thursday, February 26, when The Capitol theatre hosted the premiere screening of A Dark Reflection, the latest film by Horsham based Fact Not Fiction Films.

The red carpet was out on North street and the stars, filmmakers and guests filled the cinema to see the thriller which follows two journalists exposing the effects and dangers of aerotoxic syndrome.

Director, Tristan Loraine is a former BA airline pilot who in 2006 had to retire following repeated exposure to contaminated air onboard aircraft he flew. His story inspired him to create A Dark Reflection and a number of documentaries about contaminated air on aircraft.

The film follows the story of two journalists played by Georgina Sutcliffe and Rita Ramnani who are investigating an in-flight safety incident which has not been released to the public. As they begin to dig deeper a pattern of denial emerges and they discover they are not the first to ask difficult questions.

They discover the industry has an engine design problem resulting in toxic air in the cabins, and they discover the darker side of the aviation industry.

The film also stars, Paul Antony-Barber, Stephen Tomkinson, Mark Dymond and Marina Sirtis.

Director, Tristan Loraine explained to The District Post how the air you breathe onboard all but one currently flying commercial passenger jet aircraft is provided from the compression section of the engine in a process known as ‘bleed air’.

This air is contaminated with pyrolised synthetic jet engine oil combustion products as a feature of the system design.

The bleed air is cooled by air conditioning but it is not filtered before entering the cabin, and this air is used on almost every pressurized aircraft you fly on.

Contaminated air exposure is under-reported and Tristan aims to bring this issue to the public and media light.

Tristan said: “I’ve flown hundreds of people on airplanes and I’ve watched them walk off planes after breathing in the air and I couldn’t tell any of them.

“I think it’s a breach of peoples’ human rights. If they know the dangers, then they can make an informed decision to fly, the aviation industry has to fix this problem.”

Plans to make A Dark Reflection began with a meeting in December 2012, and principal photography began in June 2013. Filming primarily took place in West Sussex in and around Horsham with scenes also being shot in Jordan.

Horsham residents will see many very familiar locations including South Lodge Hotel and Horsham town centre.

The film made use of a co-operative film-making model making use of a variety of businesses, services and individuals as well as financial investment to complete the film.

Tristan added: “We could never have made the film without the help of local businesses including Sussex Lighting, who provided the lighting for the premiere, and South Lodge Hotel, who could not have been more accommodating.”

The next production from Fact Not Fiction films will be a documentary called ‘Aerotoxic’ which will be released in 2016.

Tristan said: “The message I really want to get across is, would you not want to pay an extra 50p on your ticket to breath clean air? If you would you must tell the airlines about it. We are trying to make air travel safer and the local community is too by supporting the film.”

Another screening of the film is to take place at The Capitol at the end of April followed by a Q&A with director, Tristan Loraine.

To book tickets visit www.thecapitolhorsham.com or call 01403 750220 for further information. You can also visit www.adarkreflection.com for more information on the film.

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