Pools fully re-open at Pavilions In The Park

Swimmers returned to The Pavilions In The Park this week following an extensive maintenance and refurbishment project in the pools area.

The main pool was opened first allowing swimming clubs, lessons and public swimming to return, followed by the teaching pools and leisure waters a few days later.

All pools are now fully opened and operating to their normal timetables.

The majority of the works were behind the scenes and in the underground plant rooms and was work that couldn’t by carried out whilst the pools were in use.

Concrete drainage channels were dug out and rebuilt alongside the replacement of sand filters and pumps.

In addition to the behind the scenes work some more obvious changes have been made including re-tiling and grouting, a new look shower area, new poolside grating and a freshly painted new look flume.

Tim Bolton, Contract Manager for Places for People Leisure in Horsham said: “We are pleased that the majority of the works have been completed and are looking forward to welcoming back swimmers over the next few weeks.

“Although some works are still ongoing we felt it important to return the pools back to the public and will continue with outstanding items around the normal timetable.

Works will continue in the pools area over the coming weeks but will cause minimum disruption to customers.

For more information on the pools work or for pools timetables visit

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