Man travels 350 miles to pick up a curry from Billingshurst

By Benjamin Coren

Blue India restaurant and takeaway in Billingshurst took an order from deepest Netherlands on Thursday, February 12, with an order for curry travelling over 350 miles.

The order for £41.30 was collected by Mr Lee on Thursday evening before he travelled back to Amsterdam to eat with his family.

Belal Ahmed, from Blue India told The District Post: “Mr Lee used to live near Billingshurst, and for the last six months he’s been in the Netherlands. He comes to collect a curry every three to four months.”

The Indian restaurant is currently making plans to make a home delivery from Billingshurst to Amsterdam. Belal added: “That delivery could see us boasting one of the largest delivery radius’s in the country!”

Mr Lee wrote to Blue India thanking them for the curry, he said: “ Cheers for the curry, put it in the esse (stove) ,warm it up and tuck in, here enjoying with my wife daughter and father in family house the Netherlands.

“We moved last year, we lived in UK near Billingshurst before, in fact our local curry house was Blue India.”

Mr Lee loves living in the Netherlands and praised it as a great place to bring up children and praised the healthcare system, however he noted one major drawback, “you can’t get a decent curry here!”

Mr Lee said: “We get over that little problem and just export our s on a regular basis whenever I’m in the UK for work.

“It usually travels by ferry to France and then by motorbike to Belgium and then into deepest Netherlands, on the German/Dutch border.”


1x Lamb Gurkha’s Revenge £8.50

1x Chicken Tikka Makhamwala £7.95

1x Duck Xacuti £10.95

1x Sag Aloo £3.45

1x Lemon Rice £2.95

1x Pulao Rice £2.50

1x Mint and Potato Paratha £2.50

1x Peshwari Naan £2.50

Total: £41.30


1x Ferry to France 

1x Motorbike ride via Belgium

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