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German discounter interested in Foundry Lane site

The District Post believes that negotiations between Aviva, the owners of the old Dreams Beds unit in Foundry Lane, and a German owned discounter, rumoured to be Lidl, are underway for the development of the site into a discount store.

Dreams closed its doors earlier in the month and the site has since been the subject of much speculation; one of which being its development as a children’s soft play unit.

Horsham has long been a target for the main German discount retailers, Aldi being the other major player and chief competitor of Lidl, and if the deal is successful this would be the first move into Horsham by one of the European discount giants.

Given the trading practices of Lidl and Aldi in other towns if one of the pair was to secure the site it would strengthen the determination of the other to open up within the town and compete toe to toe with its rival.

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