Bring out the Bucks Fizz

More than thirty years after they stormed charts across the globe with a string of hits, Cheryl, Mike and Jay will be at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham, on Friday, 22 May, as part of their latest tour.

The band are once again set to play across the world with a 70-date World Tour, to remind everyone that there is more to Cheryl, Mike & Jay formerly of Bucks Fizz than just ‘Making Your Mind Up’.

Despite the fact that Bobby will not be attending, Cheryl believes that this will not be an issue, stating: “Having performed several gigs with our friend Stephen Fox, Mike, Jay and I realised that people expect to see four on stage when they see Fizz, so we are delighted to introduce Bobby McVay as our guest singer for the tour.”

Bandmate Jay agreed, adding: “As a four piece, the songs will be heard as they were intended to be heard, with four voices rather than three and the dance routines will have the full effect again.”

With an album of new studio material and single releases in the pipeline, the future is looking extremely bright for Cheryl, Mike & Jay formerly of Bucks Fizz.

The prospects are bubbling over as Cheryl excitedly declares: “New representation, new tour, new singer, new merchandise, maybe a new album… A new beginning! Whoop whoop!”

Like a good champagne, their performances have matured, and they still manage to hold all the fun, vitality and passion for performance of the record breaking tours of the 1980’s.

The event will take place on Friday, 22 May, at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham.

To book tickets, please ring 01403 750220 or visit www.thecapitolhorsham.com.

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