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Top marks in the country for Christ’s Hospital drummer

Lucas Kovacs, a year 13 pupil at Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham, has received an Exhibition Award along with a cheque for gaining one of the highest distinction marks in the country in a practical drum kit exam from Trinity College, London.

Lucas is now working towards his grade 8 exams on the drum kit, the snare drum and the flute. As well as playing in the School band, concert band and the percussion ensemble, he sings in the choir and is a self-taught pianist.

Lucas said: “It was joining the School’s marching band that initially introduced me to snare drumming and Christ’s Hospital has provided me with the very best opportunities to develop my passion for music and to perform. I have participated in the Lord Mayor’s Show and at Lord’s cricket ground plus this summer we toured Germany and Belgium. I believe that Christ’s Hospital has really amplified my love for music. I am currently applying to universities in this country and abroad and I hope that this award will support my university applications.

“I think one of the reasons why I enjoy music so much is that the discipline required will always render a beautiful and skilful performance, no matter what instrument you play. There is nothing quite like knowing that anything you have achieved with music is because of the time and effort that you put in. I will definitely continue my pursuit of music in the future and, if I have the opportunity to perform in concerts and events, I will definitely do so.”

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