More Smart Park pay machines to be installed

By Charlotte Schroeter

Photo courtesy of Horsham Facebook page

Visitors to Horsham on Saturday, October 4 found they had to wait around 20 minutes to pay for their parking in Swan Walk due to queues at the Smart Park machines.

The Horsham Facebook page reported the queues and said: “I think the new system works well but it just needs MORE PAY MACHINES!” followed by reposts from annoyed parkers.

This caused many replies from other people who voiced their negative opinions on the system whereas others could not understand why the system took so long and some found queues on other levels smaller.

Jacqui Leuchars said: “I don’t understand why there is such a problem at Swan Walk when there is never a problem at Blackhorse way where the same system is used.”

Aisling O’hara said: I don’t understand why these machines are causing any bigger wait than the ticketed ones? I used the machine for the first time last week and it took no longer so what is causing this problem?”

There has been praise for the system with Dan Gregory saying: “I parked in Forum Blackhorse Way during the week and found it a pleasure to use, plus I could pay by card so didn’t have to scrabble around for loose change.”

Emma Ford thought the new system was fine but though there needed to be more machines.

The Horsham Facebook page posted on Sunday, October 5 asking for people to ‘Like’ if they would like to see more pay machines installed before Christmas. The following day there were already nearly 1,000 likes by lunchtime.

Later on Monday afternoon, the Horsham Facebook page reposted a message from Smart Park Horsham that said: “We are aware of the problems some of you are experiencing with queues. We have taken immediate action and will be installing two new machines at Swan Walk this week. We would like to apologise for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your patience, Team SmartPark.”

Facebook users suggested solutions to the queues such as Sophie Jones who said: “Not sure why there isn’t an app to pay in this day and age.”

On its Facebook page, Smart Park Horsham asked for people’s views on the system. When someone asked about a Pay by Mobile option, Smart Park Horsham replied with: “This is definitely going to happen and we’re trying to bring it sooner rather than later. We’ll let you know as soon as possible.”

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