Man banned from Horsham town centre

A 41-year-old Steyning man has been banned from the centre of Horsham for repeatedly causing antisocial behaviour in the area.

Robert Saunders has been told he must not go into the town centre for the next two years as part of an antisocial behaviour order or he could face jail.

The only exceptions are if he has a meeting at Horsham District Council or has a medical appointment.

Saunders is banned from going into the area of the town centre bounded by Hurst Road to the north, North Street, Park Way and Denne Road to the east, the railway line to the south and Worthing Road, Albion Way, Bishopric, Springfield Road and North Parade to the west.

The areas he is banned from include Horsham Park, Horsham Hospital, Horsham Pool, the pedestrianised town centre and the cricket ground.

Saunders, of Goring Road, Steyning, was also told he must not carry any open container of alcohol or encourage other people to commit antisocial behaviour.

The order, which was imposed by Crawley Magistrates’ Court, is in force until September 24, 2016. If Saunders breaches it he could be jailed.

PC James Munden said: “We applied for the antisocial behaviour order to try to stop the problems that Saunders has caused in the community.

“He has been repeatedly arrested for being drunk and disorderly in Horsham, is thought to be responsible for a number of assaults and has generally made a nuisance of himself.

“The Asbo means that the centre of town should be more peaceful for residents and visitors. If Saunders goes into the area he will be arrested.”

A Horsham District Council spokesperson said: “The district council’s Anti-social Behaviour Team has invested a lot of time and energy over recent years in trying to work with Mr Saunders to access him support from a variety of organisations.

“Unfortunately due to the ongoing anti-social behaviour which Mr Saunders has exhibited in and around Horsham town centre and the significant impact this has had on other people’s quality of life, the team were left with no choice but to work with our police colleagues to develop and apply for an ASBO which clearly defines behavioural and geographical boundaries.”

If you see Saunders breaching the court order, call 101, email or contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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