Jonathan Ross visits Tulley’s Shocktober Fest

Popular TV chat show host, Jonathan Ross visited Shocktober Fest at Tulley’s Farm over the weekend and looked shocked when he was introduced to the Scream Park’s new first aid team.

Jonathan Ross a big Halloween fan and regular each year at Shocktober Fest in West Sussex, was visiting the Halloween Scream Park with his family and friends.

Jonathan and his family bravely ventured the parks haunted attractions including the new Horrorwood Haunted Hayride, The Tunnel and the Haunted House. The family also checked out the new Halloween store and the parks new deadly characters in the street theatre.

Jonathan was happy to stop and chat to fellow Halloween fans visiting the park and have his picture taken with them. He tweeted a picture of himself with the Tulleys Shocktober Fest Scream Park zombie nurses saying “it was great”.

Stuart Beare, the owner and creator of Tulleys Shocktober Fest Scream Park was delighted to welcome the Ross family back. “Jonathan and his family having been coming here every year for the past few years. Jonathan is a big Halloween fan and seems to love it here. He has been very complimentary about the event and the actors.”

Shocktober Fest has been voted “The no.1 Scare Attraction in the UK” in the Screamie Awards for the past four years running and offers ’18 fright nights’ with seven immersive Haunted attractions until Sunday 2nd November 2014.

The scream park also incorporates three Food Courts, Street Theatre and a live Show Stage. For timings and to purchase tickets online go to:

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