Full moon cult ritual could be behind horse death

By Benjamin Coren

A horse had to be destroyed after it became entangled in an electric fence to such an extent that its owners believe it was targeted in a deliberate act by a cult.

The horse, called George, was discovered in a field in Blackgate Lane, Pulborough, on Tuesday, September 9. It was lying on the ground with the electric fence line wrapped tightly several times around its left fore and hind legs. It was released, but the incident had caused irreparable injuries to both legs and George, sadly, had to be put to sleep a few days later.

Luke Welfare and Zoe Walker, who run Soul Equestrian at Scrase Farm, believe that someone was responsible for an attack on the horse. Zoe said: “At first we thought it was just an unfortunate accident where George had got himself tangled up in the fence. However, the number of times that the fence line was wrapped around each foot aroused our suspicions and we called the police. Unfortunately, the line was so tight that it cut off circulation to both feet and the vet was unable to save them or ultimately, George.”

The owner of the horse suggested to an officer that there had been attacks on animals when there was a full moon but there have been no similar incidents in West Sussex in recent years.

Sussex Police are continuing to investigate the incident but there is no evidence to suggest that it happened because there was a full moon that night.

Zoe Walker told The District Post: “The way he was tied up was not possible for him to do himself. If a horse gets itself caught there would be a lot more struggling.

“That evening was a full moon and there have been cases where horses have been tied and attacked by a cult which sacrifices horses on a full moon. After I realised he wouldn’t have got stuck, a friend told me about this cult and I discovered a lot of articles about it on the internet.

“I really think it was something to do with the full moon.”

PC Jonny Walker said: “There’s no apparent reason why this horse or these stables should have been targeted in this isolated incident, but we would like to hear from anyone who has any information about the incident or who has experienced anything similar. Blackgate Lane is fairly remote, but were you around the area at any time from late afternoon or overnight on Monday, September 8 and if so die you see anything suspicious?

“If so, please email or call 101 quoting serial 1096 of 18/09.”

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