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Your views on the Shelley Fountain

By Charlotte Schroeter

The District Post has recently been asking your opinions of the Shelley Fountain in Horsham town centre following the news its future could be in jeopardy. A public consultation will be taking place to discuss the fountain that has been in the town since 1992.

The latest responses from residents express their dislike of the fountain.

Jim Rae of Beaver Close, Horsham, said: “Expensive eyesore is how I sum up this hideous object, others know it as the Shelley Fountain; others the Rising Universe. Should it be eradicated from our landscape completely and forever – yes!

“I have only one question, can that be arranged tomorrow, if not; how about yesterday?”

Pauline Gardiner from Horsham said: “Please please please let it go, this exploding cabbage has not only been a blot on Horsham but has never worked since day one and I was there. Such a let-down for the town, now we know why Cambridge didn’t want it, how wise they were.”

Charlotte Fishlock of Hengist Close, Horsham, said: “I must say that I have always thought that it makes the part of Horsham which is the least attractive, even worse. It is just an eyesore and very ugly. It certainly is NOT a fountain!

“What would be far better in that position would be a square area with raised beds, preferably with some evergreen planting, with seats facing into the square (rather like that at the top of the Causeway ).”

Do you think the fountain should stay or go? Do you have any positive memories of the fountain? Email your views to

2 comments on “Your views on the Shelley Fountain

  1. Even if you like the Shelley Fountain, which I don’t, it seems to ‘work’ only occasionally and costs money to repair. It would be much nicer to have a decent ordinary well-tried type of fountain, or a nice flower bed. These ideas have been suggested many times by many people ,but no notice ever seems to be taken of that view. Maybe it’s really time to try something else. No point in throwing good money after bad.

  2. I have always found the Shelley Fountain as a grotesque monument, takes up space where a more minimal, ornate statue or even small potted garden area with a plaque would look more appealing. Also at one time the fountain would have been fully operational with water gushing from the base after moving up and down, perhaps the council are disinsclined to maintain expensive maintenance and operational costs as we are living through austere economic times and council budgets are very squeezed. HDC should listen to the view of the Horsham public more and remove it sooner rather than later than have a public consultation to ensure a more fitting attractive artistic memorial for the town going forward. It inspires no one from a creative or holistic point of view and is offputting, ugly, too big and a waste of council revenues. My suggestions would be a lifesize Shelley statue that would be historical, inspiring as he is probably the most famous historical celebrity ever to have graced this district and as I am a writer, creative person myself this would be pleasing to see, but you could even go with a nice plaque and offset it in a boxed flower garden as this would showcase one thing HDC have got pride in and that is Horsham in Bloom – this would look lovely in the proposed WestEnd development of the town centre and it may even attract visitors to the town who will spend their money in shops here, helping businesses gain new customers and so on.

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