Web-slinger spotted on Horsham rooftops

By Benjamin Coren

Comic book web-slinger, Spiderman was spotted on the roofs of East Street on Tuesday, September 2.

Eagle eyed snapper Beverley Munro spotted the superhero at lunchtime at Pizza Express, East Street,

Beverley told The District Post: “My friend and I were sharing a bottle of Prosecco and he seemed to be putting a display on especially for us! Obviously he wasn’t and I have no idea what it was all about!”

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “No Spidermen reported to us – and for the avoidance of doubt, no Wonder Women, Supermen, Incredible Hulks or Batmen.”

The photo was posted onto the Horsham Facebook page, igniting discussion on who the mystery individual was and what he was doing.

Perhaps Horsham has a new guardian watching over the streets.

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