Police helicopter over Horsham assists in arrest

The police helicopter was out over Horsham at 12.30pm on Monday, September 22, after a man ran away from police who approached him in Carfax, Horsham.

In doing so an officer was pushed over but currently is not reported to have been injured.

Following a search of the area in which a police helicopter assisted, a 24-year old local man was arrested at an address in Longfield Road at 1.40pm on suspicion of theft of a mobile phone in the town earlier this month.

2 comments on “Police helicopter over Horsham assists in arrest

  1. Where I come from, mobile phone theft is so common the Police ignore any cases of it. Even if they wouldn’t, all the thief would have to do is flash a bit of money in front of the officer and he goes free. Having a helicopter to help with the chases is too ludicrous to even dream about over there.

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