New men’s hairdressers opens in Horsham

Locals were intrigued as PHD Hairdressers opened a new branch in Horsham on Bank Holiday Monday, August 25.

PHD (Professional Hair Design) For Him is a men’s hairdresser and barbers, combining traditional and contemporary methods to create an unconventional barbershop for the modern man. David Thomas of PHD describes the salon as a “one stop grooming shop for men”.

Because of its modern approach, the original branch in Uckfield, East Sussex, attracted some of the best barbers and stylists in the industry, who now rotate between the two stores. PHD boasts an employee nominated for UK men’s hairdresser of the year, and a nominee for the British Barber of The Year Award.

David told The District Post: “We are focused on giving good customer service and dedicating more time to the whole process rather than having people coming in, sitting on a bench in the window and being out in ten minutes, you’ll have the opportunity to have a drink beforehand; we have cappuccino, lattes and beer”.

As well as beverages, PHD offers an in-depth consultation in order to provide what the customer really wants.

Actress Eva Brittin-Snell (of EastEnders fame) attended the successful opening of the Horsham branch.

David said: “It was predicted to be 11 to 12 hour torrential rain, and it was, which did take the edge off the day a little bit.”

Despite the bad weather, plenty of friends and family arrived to witness the opening, along with what David described as “a good handful” of locals who looked around and asked questions about the new establishment.

Since opening, PHD has been “nice and busy” and David feels that it has been well received in the neighbourhood.

PHD Hairdressers is open Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm, and Saturdays, 9am – 5pm. They are also looking to open an extra hour on Thursdays, from 9am – 7pm.

To contact the salon, call 01403 253571 or email For more information, visit

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