Halifax bank wears the wrong trousers

The Horsham Halifax branch has raised £224 for children in hospitals and hospices across the country by wearing the wrong trousers to work.

The Wallace and Gromit’s Children Charity hosted a nationwide event on Friday, June 27, that saw participants wearing trousers that ranged from bright pink to reflective road worker trousers.

The event was organised by Kieren George and Kiera Parris and Halifax bank agreed to match the £112 raised by the branch, bringing the total to £224.

Kieren George said: “Thank you to all our customers who were extremely generous and hopefully we can still be taken seriously”.

He went on to say the charity was a worthy cause and they were pleased they could help support children in hospices and hospital care.

The Horsham Halifax branch is looking to continue fundraising in the community and Kieran is planning to run a half marathon to raise money for Alzheimer’s society despite the fact he “loathes long distance running”.

The Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Charity wrong trousers day has been running for 11 years and it raises funds for 92 children’s hospitals and hospices across the UK.

Every year 2.4 million children – 20% of all children under 16 in the UK – are admitted to hospital.

Their funding helps support projects in local communities and they provide child friendly environments and state of the art equipment.

A spokesperson for the charity said that next year’s Wrong Trouser day will be bigger than ever. The charity holds an annual big bake off with another big event to be announced soon.

They said: “Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Charity has raised over £1.9 million, to fund 284 projects in 92 children’s hospitals and hospices”.

For more information on the Wallace and Gromit’s Children Charity visit

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