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Local musicians ‘Sing Out for England’

By Benjamin Coren

A team of local musicians from Horsham have formed a new band and released an alternative world cup anthem to support England at this year’s World Cup tournament in Brazil and raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The band, called Eversfield after the recording studio they used in Lower Beeding is made up of Graham Noon on keyboards, Simon King on vocals and acoustic guitar, Matt Andrew on guitar, Taz Wright on drums and Gary Williams on bass guitar.

Graham told The District Post: “The song was driven by Simon’s passion for football and we thought it would be a bit of to sing out for England. Simon felt there should be a dedicated football song like Three Lions or World In Motion by New Order. When writing the song he went back to the World Cup in 1966 and paid tribute to some of the unsung heroes of the squad.”

The song is currently being distributed through iTunes and Amazon, and there is also a YouTube video. The song called ‘Sing Out For England’ has been available on iTunes since June 2, and the video is just shy of 2,500 views.

The band hope to get the song into the official UK top 40 and make it a real contender to be the official World Cup anthem.

Graham said: “We need about 2,000 more downloads and we can get it into the top 40 and get Radio One airplay and raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research. Everything we make from the song will go to the charity.”

The song is currently priced at 79p on iTunes and 99p on Amazon.

To find out more about Eversfield visit www.eversfieldstudio.co.uk  and you can view the video on YouTube by searching ‘Eversfield Sing Out For England’.

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