UKIP banner sprayed with swastika near Billingshurst

By Benjamin Coren

A UKIP banner just outside Billingshurst on the A29 was defaced with an image of a swastika symbol and the word ‘racist’.

Chairman of UKIP Horsham District, Nigel Whitear snapped a photo of the graffiti and tweeted it.

He said: “This is what I am up against in the Horsham District.”

Speaking to The District Post, Mr Whitear said: “I think it’s deplorable that there are mindless individuals resorting to vandalism when all we are asking for is an open, honest debate.”

2 comments on “UKIP banner sprayed with swastika near Billingshurst

  1. This is what happens when the opposition has no credible answers to UKIP’s narrative.

    Most people will see it for what it is, mindless vandals from mindless people

  2. But UKIP’s policies are inherently racist… And there’s nothing remotely honest and open about their, in fact their fascist nature is purposely obscured from view (by the party, I mean – after even the slightest scrutiny, the truth becomes obvious…). With the mainstream media falling over themselves to give these modern Mosley’s all the airtime and opportunities to pull the wool over people’s eyes that they crave, it falls to switched on members of the public to balance that out with the truth about them. Good on the ‘vandals’ – we need more people willing to step up and confront the darker elements of our society, not less.

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