Wooly jumper for a little lamb

Sue Pollard, theatre manager at Fishers Farm Park for over 20 years is a demon knitter in her spare time. So she was the first person the park thought of when tiny lamb Titch was born at midnight on March 27, and was shivering and unable to feed from her mother.

Titch was the third of triplets and she had been lying awkwardly in her mothers’s womb. She was born with her feet bent backwards and unable to stand, although strong and eager for life.

Early the next morning Titch was still struggling to stand, but was thirsty and very loud. She was bottle fed and her back legs were splinted into their correct position using coffee stirrers and vet wrap. Immediately, Titch was up and tottering around. She was moved her into the farmhouse to stop her being knocked over by her siblings. Two days later the leg bandages were removed and she was walking normally.

Without her mum to keep her warm, Sue knitted a wooly jumper for her, Titch was very amenable when the wooly jumper was put on her and is now warm and cosy at night.

Sue was so inspired, she has joined the worldwide effort to knit jumpers for Australian penguins in peril. To find out more, visit:

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