Vodden report to tackle bullying on school buses

Paul Vodden will be launching a report which calls for greater vigilance on dedicated school buses at the BUSK Transport Safety Conference on Tuesday, April 1. BUSK is a nationwide organisation which works to promote safe child road transport, and specialises in school to home transport.

Paul said: “I was keen to find out to what extent bus drivers are involved in bullying on dedicated school buses. As the information wasn’t available, I did my own research, supported by the Diana Award.”

Sadly, Paul has first-hand experience of the devastating effects of bullying. On December 12, 2006, his 11-year-old son Ben took his own life after being bullied on the school bus. Shockingly, the bus driver was also said to be involved in the bullying.

Paul Voddens report highlights that many incidents of long term bullying start on the school bus. Currently not enough is being done to protect victims of bullying in this environment.

Paul will discuss the key findings of the new report and discuss his recommendations which local education authorities are being urged to consider.

Paul commented: “There doesn’t necessarily need to be a change in the law, but a change in attitudes. Bullying is one of those things schools don’t want to admit to, so there is a tendency for some schools to not be as vigilant as they should be.”

The conference takes place at Arval in Swindon on March 31, and April 1.

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