Top Horsham schools involved in Preferred Strategy discussions

Horsham District Council is pleased to acknowledge the willingness of top schools in the area to help shape future plans for education in relation to areas such as north Horsham.

The Council is in the process of producing the Horsham District Planning Framework, a vitally important document in terms of creating jobs as well as providing homes over the next 20 years.

By having a planned approach it means a greater ability to secure community infrastructure. The Council is speaking with a number of organisations with responsibility for infrastructure and services, including West Sussex County Council as the local education authority.

The Council is also speaking with local secondary schools and sixth form colleges who are working together to ensure that they are able to make a collective contribution to the plans for education services across the District.

A group of headteachers from Horsham schools and colleges wrote to the Council expressing their aspirations: ”We are determined to ensure that current high standards that are evident in primary, secondary and post 16 sectors, are maintained and then improved.

“We are happy to provide our skills and experience in order to help shape and create a coherent education strategy for the locality.”

A spokesperson for Horsham District Council said: “The Horsham District Planning Framework is vitally important for the Horsham District. We must have a plan that complies with very stringent tests set by Government, without this we could increasingly be confronted with speculative and ad-hoc applications by developers and lose our ability to shape the growths of our towns and villages.”

The next stage will be when a ‘Proposed Submission’ version of the Plan is considered by councillors on 30 April.

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