‘No more houses in Horsham we are full’

This week signs appeared along the A24 of a very different nature to the usual road signs. Messages were written on the back of two advertising signs on land between the Farthings Hill and Hop Oast roundabouts.

One reads ‘No more houses in Horsham we are full’ and the other reads ‘Come in to the garden Maude while thher’s [sic] a little left”. The second appears to be a reference to the Tennyson poem where Maud has been changed so that it seems to relate to Francis Maude, Horsham’s MP and the minister for the cabinet office.

A spokesperson for Horsham District Council said: “The signs are located in a site owned by Berkeley Homes, who would be responsible for removing these. A meeting was held by Horsham District Council on Thursday, February 13, to discuss the Horsham District Planning Framework, which not only focuses on new homes being built but also on economic development and the environment.”

Councillor Claire Vickers, who has cabinet responsibility for strategic planning, invited members of the public to listen to expert speakers at the meeting on Thursday, and to a debate between councillors. 20 minutes was put aside at the beginning of the meeting to hear ten questions submitted in advance from public groups and individuals.

A recent Horsham District Planning Framework Preferred Strategy in August to October 2013 resulted in a large number of responses. All representations received were read and fed into a summary of representations that was reported to the council meeting on December 11, 2013.

The Preferred Strategy is part of the on-going process towards submitting a revised strategy to be put forward as the formal District Planning Framework.

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