Update on flooding in parts of West Sussex

A high intensity of rain fell on the west and north east of West Sussex this morning.
This has had an unavoidable impact on many drains in rural areas.
Many of these drains take water into rivers or streams directly, or indirectly via private ditches.
Because river and ditch water levels were already high, the intensity of the rainfall has combined to temporarily overwhelm some drainage systems.
Three flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency today for the Gatwick Stream at Maidenbower and Crawley, Gatwick Stream at South West Horley (affecting Gatwick Airport), and Westbourne at the River Ems.
Flood Alerts issued earlier in the week by the Environment Agency remain in place for the River Lavant, the Upper Arun and the River Ems.
West Sussex County Council is working closely with its operation centre to deal with these issues.
However the nature of the rainfall means the situation is ever-changing.
Both West Sussex County Council and the Environment Agency continue to work on clearing the areas affected, and monitoring them, over the coming days.
Some further rainfall is possible over the weekend.
For advice on what to do before, during and after floods, visit

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