Update: Flooding in Worthing Road, Horsham

Worthing Road in Horsham, closed this week because of flooding, is likely to remain shut at least until Wednesday, January 15.
A culvert underneath the road has collapsed and therefore it has to be replaced.
The issue has been tackled as a priority because flooding from adjacent fields poured onto the railway tracks of the Arun Valley line, forcing its closure earlier in the week.
The culvert, which is about six metres deep, is in an awkward position that makes it a difficult task to replace.
The culvert is very old and neither West Sussex County Council, nor Horsham District Council, knew it existed before its discovery this week.
West Sussex County Council’s contractor Balfour Beatty is working throughout the weekend to try and shorten the length of time the road will be shut for.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused but there is no other way round solving this problem.

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