Sex, drugs and lots and lots of money

By Charlotte Schroeter

Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

Drugs, sex, money and swearing feature in The Wolf of Wall Street from start to finish. In some scenes, every other word is a profanity. The women are often nude and sexualised, appearing as prostitutes, wives or just sex symbols. There are only a couple of women not seen in this way.

There is also plenty of humour and a good story that kept me engaged for the whole three hours. Having said that, the film is quite long and could have been cut shorter if the excessive drug use and partying were shown less.

The film is based on the life of Jordan Belfort, a penny stockbroker who made it big with his own company after learning tricks from Wall Street. The shady methods he uses to work the financial system catch the attention of the FBI who tries to bring him down, so he calls on his wife’s Aunt Emma (Joanna Lumley) who helps him get his millions into a bank in Switzerland.

Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) excessive drug use is apparent very early on and the audience discover his lavish lifestyle of fast cars, a big house, beautiful wife (Margot Robbie), endless prostitutes, and his boat ‘Naomi’.

Belfort’s friend Donnie (Jonah Hill) features heavily in the film and the relationship between these two was strong and very humorous at times. Belfort is an anti-hero though; I rooted for him as the leading man but knew there needed to be some comeuppance.

Another good Scorsese film.

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