Kung Fu school celebrates two years

Traditional martial arts are a terrific way to keep fit, have fun, and learn a new skill, and Jose Manuel is celebrating two years since establishing his Shaolin Kung Fu school in Horsham.

Horsham Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan Kung Fu meets twice a week and teaches Nam Pai Chuan, a traditional Chinese martial art, which develops fitness, flexibility, and strength through a traditional teaching philosophy.

Jose Manuel, who established the school in 2012 told The District Post: “I teach all levels, people have joined us as white belts and now they have become more senior. Classes are tailored to all levels. The fitness aspect is great, it’s good for your body all around. It’s great for muscle strengthening, aerobic fitness and some people like the self-defense side of it. Because it’s a traditional system we also work with weapons including staffs, swords, fans, and knives.

“It’s quite an all-encompassing martial art so we do soft and hard techniques, we practice traditional forms so a lot of what we do feeds into different animal styles. The idea is that the style you are using is the strength of the animal and mimics the way they fight in the wild.”

Jose earned his black belt in 2012 at the Sussex club in Brighton. Having enjoyed assisting in teaching he requested to open his own club in Horsham. Jose added: “I started with one class a week on Friday’s with a couple of students. It gradually grew and now I regularly get between five to nine people a week.”

Children’s classes (4+) take place on Wednesday at Forest School gym from 6pm to 7pm and cost £4.50.

Classes for adults (12+) run on Wednesday at Forest School gym from 7pm to 8.30pm and Pavilions in the Park, Horsham on Friday from 7pm to 8.30pm. Classes cost £6.50 for adults (16+) and £5.50 for children under 16.

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