Flooding in Horsham

Heavy rain caused flooding throughout Horsham last week, closing roads and train stations and leaving commuters facing long journeys. Monday, January 6, saw the beginning of the working week begin very slowly for some with long delays reported between Horsham, Broadbridge Heath and Southwater.

Horsham, Littlehaven and Christ Hospital stations were also shut due to flood water and Worthing Road, Horsham was partly closed later on Monday to pump water from the area.

‘Lake Bedford’ appeared once again at the rear entrance of Horsham station and Chris Barraclough and his daughter Caroline took to their canoes as they were unable to commute to London.

Puddles were deceptively deep meaning roads proved difficult to travel on and the clearer roads were gridlocked with cars.

Superintendent Rex Matthews warned: “It may only be shallow water, but hit it at even moderate speed and you can lose control of your vehicle. If you are unsure how deep an area of flooded road is, don’t try and drive through it, even if you believe your vehicle is capable. There can be hidden holes and sometimes a nearby watercourse with a current that can sweep you off the road.

“When you do drive through water, dry your brakes off immediately by applying them a few times after you are through – remaining aware of others behind you, of course.”


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