OPINION: Merry Christmas and thank you to the Horsham Facebook page

By Catherine Ross

Merry Christmas, one and all. The holiday season is in full swing. Giraffe’s are raising money for good causes and the good people of Horsham want a Christmas tree. I don’t blame them. Christmas trees are lovely and enjoyed by young and old. Let’s sort it out for Christmas 2014, eh?

Since it’s my final column of the year, I wanted to write in tribute to something I think it just brilliant. The Horsham Facebook page. If you’re not already a “liker” of the page (and 13,000 people are, so what’s wrong with you?) I strongly recommend it.

The Horsham Facebook page is a wonderful source of news, updates, requests for help, offers of help, and is one place the Horsham community really flourishes. Whether it’s a lost pet or window cleaner recommendations, people posting on the page can be sure of a helpful reply.

It hosts some huge debates, from local opinion on the proposed North Horsham development – which is fairly unanimously against to the fate of the Shelley Fountain – where opinion is very firmly divided.

It features tales of human kindness and sacrifice, rarely fails to find willing volunteers to support good causes and has even tried to help people find long lost friends and family.

In our digital age, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone. Commentators wring their hands over the state of society when everyone is stuck behind a screen. But the Horsham Facebook page is a shining example of how our new, digital world can be a force for good, not evil. Whether it’s warning of road closures or train delays, or helping reunite a lost dog with a worried owner, there is plenty of good to be found there.

The Horsham page was a big supporter of the recent Giraffe Trail and always has information about local events and live music.

I don’t know the people who administrate the page, but since I have the platform of a weekly newspaper column, I wanted to say thank you. On behalf of all of us who use and love the community resource you provide, thank you so much.

Very best wishes to all of you for a merry Christmas and a very happy and successful 2014.

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