Gary Charman keen to step up

Gary Charman has told The District Post that if things turned out to everyone’s satisfaction following his talks with Horsham FC club officials on Tuesday he would relish the chance to take charge of the team on a permanent basis.

“Obviously I know the players well, and they know me” said Charman. “I have my own ideas and thoughts and if all things work out well on Tuesday then I would love the chance to manage the team. We need to improve our league position and I believe we are 8 to10 points short of where we should be but they are a fantastic group of players so that situation can be reversed.”

When asked if he was offered the manager role would it effect his position as a prominent player Charman said “No I don’t think so; I have to say Glen Woodburn came in last Saturday and had a fantastic game. I ended up having to play as Jamie Cade was delayed but Glen did a great job. I am not starting Saturday as my knee is still not right, but I will be on the bench.”

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