Drink-driver jailed for being four times the limit

A 52-year-old man has been jailed after he was caught driving while four times over the drink-drive limit.

A member of the public contacted police to say they believed Robert Massie was drunk at the wheel and the motorist was found in a grey Lexus IS200 in Pulborough.

When officers stopped the car on the A29 London Road at 5pm on Tuesday, November 19, and breathalysed Massie they recorded a reading of 159 microgrammes of alcohol per 100ml. The drink-drive limit is 35 microgrammes of alcohol per 100ml of breath.

Massie, who was already a disqualified driver, was charged with drink-driving, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance and was remanded to appeat at Worthing Magistrates’ Court the next day.

On Wednesday, November 20, Massie, of Heron Court, Pulborough, was convicted of the charges and jailed for 17 weeks. He was also banned from driving for five years.

Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney said: “This case shows exactly how the drink-drive message continues to be ignored by a minority of motorists.

“Despite being a disqualified driver and very drunk, Massie thought it was perfectly acceptable to get into his car – putting not only his own life at risk but the lives of every other person on the roads near him.

“Jailing him sends the right message that drink-driving is utterly unacceptable and will be punished.

“Hopefully other motorists will take note of the sentence and decide mixing drink and driving is not worth the risk.”

Road users in Sussex can text officers on 65999 with details about people they suspect of drink or drug driving and report antisocial driving at

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