A carnival of covers

By Nik Butler

Horsham has again enjoyed another event and again it rained upon it. This time several carefully curated and artistically presented animal icons of charity were delivered unto the cruel and indifferent rains of a Horsham event. Rains and events in Horsham appear to be a consistent experience; enough so that the occasions where it fails to make an appearance become memorable enough to be remarked upon.

Given the high hopes for the strong cafe culture and alfresco eating experiences which many of our newly embedded restaurants and cafes display you might believe we were a town living in denial. Then again if these rains continue in the fashion they have then I suspect we will be living in the Nile. However, let it not be said that I am one to complain nor do I expect others to deliver answers; I have a solution.

We need a festival of umbrellas. A spectacle of shower savers and a carnival of coverage. A colourful collection of umbrellas detailed and displaying a range of art, of communication and of purpose. Representing the old and the new and the next generation of all that goes over our heads and keeps the drizzle defeated. There could be no amount of rain on that parade which could possibly dampen the spirits of those involved. Indeed it would serve not only to embrace the cursed realities of Horshams consistent clouds but it would us to stand and bite our thumbs at the miserable attempts of meteorological menace which haunt our events and carnivals.

We could liven up this festival of umbrellas with a fashion parade of wellies and possibly allow for a smaller genre of hats, coats and alfresco table umbrellas suitable against those dreary downpours. Let it rain , let it pour and this carnival will be not cancelled and our festivals will be not flooded. We will be able to stand confident and proud in our streets presenting our efforts and our art whilst secure in the cover of those canopies.

Of course if Horsham had its own conference centre, a place to present to the public and to exhibit its events under cover away from those gathering clouds, a place where discourse , education and art could be delivered to a wider audience than the local community then my idea would be moot. For all the bad luck of opening an umbrella indoors entails.

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