Successful courier company comes to West Sussex

The vans of Surrey-based courier company A-B 24/7 will soon be a familiar sight in West Sussex as the business opens a new office in Southwater.

Since starting in January 2013, the company have made a name for themselves as a general courier in the business-to-business market. From September, they will expand their services into Sussex.

Director Chris Godly said: “We have connections in West Sussex and intend to grow our client base further.

This is so we can offer a complete service to our clients whether they are in London, Surrey or on the South Coast.”

Mr Godly and Co-director Tony Austin began A-B 24/7 after realising businesses were in need of an urgent courier service with top end customer service.

Despite being located in Carshalton, Surrey, they used several Horsham-based businesses to set up the courier company including BritWeb Ltd.

Mr Austin started out as a motorbike courier in Central London at the age of 17. Since moving to West Sussex 15 years ago, he has brought with him London-learnt principles of professionalism and prompt service.

“London clients expect a very high level of service. We believe businesses in Horsham and the surrounding areas deserve the same.”

Their approach has proven to be a success. In addition to a new office in Southwater, A-B 24/7 are also opening a new office in Wimbledon.

Mr Godly said: “Our mission to provide an exemplary service is working, and the word is spreading. We plan to expand our service but keep the service levels to the highest level possible.”

Although there are plans to expand their services in the future, Mr Godly believes two new offices are enough for how.

“This should keep us busy enough for a while!”

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