Local marketing expert’s third book takes off

Marketing guru and local author Dee Blick launched her latest book at an event on Thursday, September 12, at Roffey Park Institute.

Dee’s new book, The 15 Essential Marketing Masterclasses for Your Small Business, published by Wiley, offers readers practical, tried and tested masterclasses which are easy to understand and implement and sidetracks all the jargon.

The book is the third by Dee and it also feature 5 experts who have also written masterclasses in the book.

Dee told The District Post: “It’s taken over a year to write it, and I spent some time wondering whether I should write a third book.

“As an author you’re only as good as your last book and I want to produce a great book and have readers fall in love with what I create.”

Dee has enjoyed a lot of buzz surrounding the new book and good reviews from a number of sources including and Elite Business Magazine, and it was recently made book of the month by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

“I work with small and medium businesses and I act as their out-sourced marketer. I do it all from the marketing plan, copywriting, implementing, and their campaigns. Everything I write, I’ve done. It’s tried and tested.”

Dee writes her books at home in the log cabin in her garden, where she can focus and immerse herself in her writing.

Expert writers in the book include Aneela Rose, Ben Locker, Robert Clay, Liz Barnes, and Nicky Kriel.

Dee almost gave up after finding out she had repetitive strain injury (RSI).

“I almost had no business and I almost gave up due to RSI. Then Lawrence Howard, managing director of Hands-free computing introduced me to Dragon Speech recognition software.

“Everything I write is dictated with the software, so my writing has a very conversational style.”

Dee was introduced to publishers, Wiley by Andy Fernandez from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Wiley are the largest business book publisher in the world.

“Thanks to Andy I got an international publishing deal. I’m over the moon that the Chartered Institute of Marketing also asked if they could put their logo on the cover, which is amazing. It’s the absolute pinnacle of my career and I’m thrilled to have reached this stage.

“It feels great that all the hard work and pain has been worth it.”

Jonathan Shipley, commissioning editor for Wiley said: “We noticed the extraordinary response from her work, people really liked her style. We thought she is the kind of person you want doing your marketing. It was a very easy fit.”

Andy Fernandez from The Chartered Institute of Marketing said: “Dee writes about things our members want to know. Her second book was really successful. I thought if the book’s that successful, if we introduce her to a worldwide publisher – the sky’s the limit.”

The launch event was sponsored by Perrys chartered accountants.

Dee’s book is available from Wiley and 

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