Former barmaid becomes role ‘model’ at catwalk show  

A transgender woman has received her big break from the fashion industry after taking part in a London catwalk show.

Nicole Gibson from Horsham was approached by the organisers of the Catwalk 4 Change event, which promotes diversity in the fashion industry.

The show is considered to be a kick start to London Fashion Week and attracts hundreds of people from the fashion business as well as celebrities, journalists and bloggers.

Nicole, who wore vintage Yves Saint Lauren couture, told The District Post: “It is something I had wanted to do since my childhood so I was filled with emotion. I was buzzing about walking the catwalk but with the added responsibility of getting a very important message out there.”

Catwalk 4 Change is organised by Models of Diversity, an organisation established by fashion powerhouse Angel Sinclair. They host fashion shows using models of different shapes, sizes, ages and race as well as those with disabilities.

Nicole added that she is proud to be a part of the campaign. “It was an honour to work alongside some of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met. That was the high point for me. It’s not just about people in my position – we’re all different and it’s time we started celebrating that.”

The former barmaid has recently been in the national papers after the media became interested in her story. Now she plans to be an ambassador for transgender people and dispel the stereotypes that they’re not ‘normal’. As well as taking part in more catwalk shows.

“I’ve been asked to do more shows, one of which will be at the Ideal Home Show. Plus there’s a TV interview on the cards as well once I’ve had my reassignment surgery. It’s just the beginning of an exciting future and I can’t wait!”

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  1. I am just full of admiration, pleasure and delight for this amazing young lady. She and her family must be so proud of her achievements over past years. I have met several young ladies who have travelled along this path and I have always been impressed with their determination and good will.

    Best of luck Nicole.

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