‘Fake’ police car reported in Horsham

Police were called by a member of the public on Tuesday, September 17, after he reported being pulled over by what he believed was a ‘fake’ police car in Kings Road, Horsham, at about 9pm.

The motorist noticed the blue BMW behind him after it flashed blue lights. He stopped his vehicle and the BMW pulled alongside him before driving off, again flashing its lights.

Sergeant Bob Trevis, who is based at Horsham said: “We will investigate to see if there’s anything we should be concerned about and enquiries will be made to make sure there were no offences.

“Our advice to the public would be to continue to react as if a police car was stopping them but ensure they take measures to make sure they’re safe.

“If they are concerned it would be routine for the police officer to get out of their vehicle and approach the person they’ve stopped.”

7 comments on “‘Fake’ police car reported in Horsham

  1. If in any doubt, drive to the police station. If they aren’t real police they certainly aren’t going to follow you in, but if they are real, they shouldn’t mind, as it’s for your own safety.

    Mind you, only if you are near to the station, which from Kings Road it’s not too far. Or go to a place with lots of witnesses.

  2. I think I’m right in saying you do not have to stop for an unmarked police car if you are in any doubt. As others have said, you keep driving to a busy place or preferably an open police station before stopping.

  3. except if it is a police car and you drive off to find the police station, this will start a car chase and you get into trouble for that, so can’t win.

  4. Horsham police station is earmarked for closure thanks to the remote and out of touch people who prefer spending our money on closing roads for many hours after an accident has been dealt with.

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