Police close Roffey crack house

A home that was being used as a base for drug-taking in Horsham has been closed by police.

Residents had complained that 71, South Holmes Road, was a magnet for crime in the area, especially offences linked to Class A drug dealing and heroin use.

Extra patrols were sent into the South Holmes Road estate in Roffey and officers gathered evidence about drug offences connected to that address.

On Thursday, August 1, representatives of Sussex Police, Horsham District Council and the London & Quadrant housing association went to Brighton Magistrates’ Court and used the evidence gathered to secure a closure order.

This meant that the next day officers were able to close the flat for three months. The tenant was evicted and the housing association are applying for an injunction to try to prevent the tenant entering the estate.

A police spokesman said: “Work on the South Holmes Road estate remains ongoing and there are a number of other individuals and addresses that we are gathering evidence for similar action where appropriate.

“This is the first time in the Horsham district that the legislation has been used to close a residential premises in this way and sends a very clear message to the community that we will not tolerate this type of behaviour, that we will take their complaints seriously and will use all of the powers available to us to deal with crime and antisocial behaviour.”

Residents in Roffey can discuss the issue of antisocial behaviour with PCSO Andy Reed at the London & Quadrant office in South Holmes Road from 3pm to 4pm on Thursday, August 8.

To report antisocial behaviour in your area call 101 or 999 if the incident is ongoing.

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