Croydon man charged with theft after attempted smash and grab at T H Baker

A man has appeared in court charged with theft after watches were stolen from a Horsham jewellers.

At 4.40pm on Friday, July 12, a man walked into T H Baker Jewellers in West Street, Horsham, and snatched seven watches from a window display. In the process the glass in the cabinet was smashed.

He ran off but was charged by a member of staff who together with a passer-by tackled him and detained him a few yards from the shop. The watches were recovered and there were no reports of any injuries.

Colwyn Eastman, 31, unemployed, of Castle Hill Avenue, New Addington, Croydon, appeared in custody at Brighton Magistrates Court on Saturday, July 13, charged with theft of the seven Breitling watches, valued together at £55,500. He was remanded in custody.

2 comments on “Croydon man charged with theft after attempted smash and grab at T H Baker

  1. I saw the incident on West Street, three guys pinning the man down waiting for the police to arrive. Wouldn’t it be nice if the passers by were rewarded as they help save T H Bakers over £55,000 worth of goods?

  2. £55,000 !!!

    Sorry but such items should be in a stronghold.

    There’s a recession on, these opportunist thefts are inevitable!

    I very much doubt Croydon’s jewellers have such expensive wristwatches on open display like this, which explains this thief’s visit to Horsham.

    Well done to those brave enough to tackle & detain the offender though!

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