Horsham teacher undergoes astronaut training

Steve Miles, a science teacher from The Forest School, Horsham, was one of the lucky teachers to win a competitive scholarship to participate, and has recently returned home following his adventure.

210 teachers from around world took part in a learning program called Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy (HE@SA), which start on June 14, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Steve said: “It was a once in a lifetime experience and I have come back with a greater respect for everybody involved with space exploration. The programme of events gave me the thrill of learning again as a pupil and I have gained the inspiration and ideas as a teacher to bring ‘space travel’ to my lessons. I still find it hard to believe I won the scholarship and am fast running out of people to tell just how wonderful it all was.”

HE@SA is a five-day scholarship program where teachers participate in simulated astronaut training and professional development.

Teachers, are from 27 countries and 42 U.S. states and territories this year, they have trained like astronauts, learned skills and techniques to pique student interest in science and exploration.

The teachers participate in 45 hours of professional development with laboratory and field activities aligned with global math and science teaching standards.

To attend HE@SA, candidates must complete a thorough application process to ensure the most qualified teachers are selected. Once chosen, teachers are awarded scholarships, roundtrip airfare, tuition, meals and accommodations sponsored by Honeywell and its employees.

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