String of PB swims for Atlantis girls

Atlantis swimmers, fresh from their success of the previous weekend when they lifted the Vanessa Knight trophy, continued the good form with another great day of performances in the pool at K2 on the Sunday, June 2.

The day started with Rosé and Ella in the 800 and with Rosé just missing out on a personal best Ella came home with a 9 sec faster swim than ever before.

Ella Windle then gave a superb performance in the 200 fly to continue on from the 100 fly performance of the day before.

Setting off at almost the same pace as her 100 Ella, showed her strength by maintaining the pace through the second 100 for a fantastic 2.35.42 and a place in the final. The trio of Lauren Pedel, Eleanor Morris and Kate Windle not to be outdone also had fantastic swims with Kate Windle blasting to her second National time of the weekend in 1.09.38. Both Kate and Eleanor walked into the final with Lauren securing a great PB. Only Kate managed to secure a medal in the finals but all our swimmers improved on their seedings.

Coach on the day Andy was jubilant and said “it has been a really great weekend for us as a club and I hope that the performances produced this weekend are an inspiration to all our club members”

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