Is Horsham’s environment at risk from mammoth landfill mountain

Denne Hill is likely to have a new contender as the popular winter time destination for sledging as the new landfill mountain slowly rises in the North West skyline of Horsham.

This new seasonal destination will come with the additional advantage that anyone leaving their rubbish strewn over that hill will have deposited in exactly the place it belongs unlike the yearly experiences for those on Denne Hill.

The economic and environmental savings to Horsham residents would be huge as we bring our own black bags to slide down upon. Needless to say the decaying and fermenting piles underfoot will provide the occasional hotspot against which the weary tobogganist might rest their selves whilst sipping a warming hot chocolate to drown out the gagging stench over which they entertain themselves.

Our mountainous offerings of waste appear to be growing ever faster and it certainly provides an interesting change to the horizon in the evening to those driving north along the A24 around Horsham towards Warnham. I imagine that as we build new homes and new villages within the district that this mountain will increase in its height possibly leading to earlier sunsets for parts of Holbrook and West Horsham whilst blocking the view to Box Hill.

Given enough decades there will no doubt be planning permission granted for yet more houses and some poor family will begin their life living on the remnants of our own commercially driven waste.

Between the fear of fracking in the south and the thoughts on leachate supply in the North I would hope that Southern Water have a tight rein on the monitoring of not only our drinking water supply but the quality of river water following the almost constant months of rainfall that arrived in spite of last years drought considerations.

We cannot capture in our imaginations just how much waste our society produces although residents of Brighton were certainly given a front row seat to the excess of their economic position following the Strike by bin men; one would hope that Horsham should never have to experience such a similar event.

Overall it proves to be the least elegant of answers to bury all our pasts within the soil. However with lack of willpower to reduce our own our consumption or the desire to efficiently recycle or incinerate the waste we create we are building the mountain from the mole hill of our indifference.

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