Film extras required for Horsham film

Up to 150 people are being the offered the opportunity to feature as extras in the investigative thriller A Dark reflection, by award winning documentary maker Tristan Loraine.   

Billed as ‘Erin Brockovich’ meets ‘All the Presidents Men’, the film is set in and around Sussex, and is already drawing great support on both sides of the Atlantic.

Actors in the film include British-born actress, Ms Georgina Sutcliffe, former Coronation Street star Bill Ward and Ms Marina Sirtis, known for her role as ‘Deanna Troi’  in Star Trek.

The fact-based film is based on Loraine’s own experience as a British Airways Captain. It tells the story of an air traffic controller who is suspended following a serious in-flight incident.  When his journalist wife (Sutcliffe) – a reporter at the West Sussex County Times – starts to ask questions, she uncovers a disturbing succession of cover-ups dating back to 1954.

Filming is taking place on Tuesday 2 July in Lutterworth, Leicestershire inside a real Boeing 737.  Extras of all ages are required to play passengers inside the plane.

Anyone who is interested in being in the film and can get to Lutterworth on Tuesday 2 July should email extras@adarkreflection.com leaving their name, age, mobile phone number and full details will be given.

Tristan Loraine said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who is interested in being part of a film or who is interested in how a film is made.  This is a cooperative film and we are opening up the role of extras to anyone who wants to get involved.“

You can find out more about the film and how to get involved on www.adarkreflection.com.  Information about the actors and filming so far can be seen on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/adarkreflection“.

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