Warnham pipework ‘finally investigated’

Warnham resident Sally Pavey says that after seven years of trying she has finally persuaded West Sussex Highways to investigate drainage pipework that has been preventing ditches from being dug in Northlands Road and Mayes Lane, Warnham.

“Over the years the flood water has been increasing and so has the damage  being caused to our land, and to numerous vehicles that have tried to pass the highway flood water in Warnham caused by water coming off higher land that neighbours the highway.’

“We have tried our best for the past seven years to keep the highway water flowing away from the roads with no assistance from highways or local councillors but were unable to dig further ditches due to the network of pipework that is in the land.’

“Last week highways finally agreed to dig out the pipework which was found to be badly broken. It has now been repaired and an additional ditch network will help to take the water away from our farm land and the highway.  It will not, however, deal with the water from land entering the highway as a river.”

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