Recognition for Scouts

Horsham Weald Scout District held its first Chief Scout’s Award ceremony on Monday at Horsham Methodist Church. The bronze, silver, and gold awards are the highest awards that can be earned by members of the Scout movement in each of the sections.

West Sussex Scout County Commissioner, Irene Orford, told The District Post: “Across the county we have held award ceremonies for some time, but the districts have not been holding them. It’s fantastic now that the districts are starting to put them on.”

Horsham Weald district intend to hold ceremonies every term now for the children to gain more recognition for their achievements. Irene added: “These awards really do mean something and it’s good for parents and people outside the Scout movement to see what the children have achieved. The awards are progressive, so as they move up, the challenges are more geared towards their age group.”

Beavers, Cubs, and Scouts must meet certain criteria to achieve each award. They must receive a set number of challenge badges which increases for each level. 78 boys and girls from the district received awards at the ceremony.

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