Parking officer ‘hit a car’, says accuser

A member of the public recorded an incident in Devonshire Road and demanded two council staff left a note after allegedly hitting a car.

The car’s owner was reported to be Michelin Star local chef Matt Gillan. Although the collision was not captured on video, parking services staff left a note on the vehicle (pictured).

Mr Gillan tweeted: “So yesterday Horsham parking services backed into my car and were about to drive off. A couple of people confronted them, got it on camera and put it on Facebook.

“Today I receive a call from Horsham parking services to apologise. It’s a worry they would have just driven off!”

The video was posted on the Horsham Facebook page on Monday, May 13, and received 52 comments and was shared 188 times. The video has sparked debate among the Facebook community and prompted Horsham District Council to issue a statement.

HDC stated: “We are aware that a member of the public alleges that our civil enforcement officer caused damage to a vehicle while parking. We are trying to get in contact with the owner and this will be handled through our insurance processes.”

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