New Chairman of Horsham District Council is elected

Following Thursday night’s meeting of Horsham District Council, a new Chairman has been elected.

Cllr Philip Circus was elected chairman for the civic year 2013 to 2014 at the annual meeting at the council’s offices in North Street, Horsham.

Cllr Circus told The District Post: “It’s a great honor and privilege because it means one has the confidence of one’s colleagues, and that is a good feeling. It is a privilege to have the confidence of the council.

“It’s an exciting time ahead. I’m working on the establishment of a new charity in the county.

“I think if someone takes on a role, one needs to feel one has left something of value. I hope the year ahead will be challenging and hopefully very rewarding.”

Cllr Circus is establishing a new charity to initially be known as the Chairman’s Trust Fund. The charity will be designed to provide help to people in need throughout the district who are not able to count on the existing charitable and support structures.

Cllr Christian Mitchell was appointed the Vice Chairman of the Council.

Cllr Circus takes over the role of Chairman from Cllr Leonard Crosbie, who was Chairman from 2012 to 13.

For further information about the Council’s structure, please visit the Horsham District Council website (, email or call 01403 215465.

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