Council’s comedy of errors

So the garden waste scheme is a bigger mess than Tory party policies on an EU referendum.

Meanwhile, Parking Services are doing a bang-up job of providing  public relations work that would have Max Clifford considering promotion of sexual abstinence and everyone gets the hump exiting the Pavilion car park, while our elected and well-paid police commissioner is coming down hard on the incarcerated and cutting off their pasties.

It is all very well giving me an opportunity to discuss my views on Horsham, but when the comedy writes itself the columnist begins to look like they are making stuff up.

Looking at this from a different, more laterally minded view, it could be considered that they can only make these mistakes once and that they are failing faster and more consistently only because of the nature of our communication tools.

As such those failures and errors in judgement are resolved far faster than before. I confess that for myself I am less worried about the administration of garden waste as I chose to opt out.

No doubt in the future this avoidance will be questioned as I am effectively avoiding paying that “tax” into the public coffers.  I suspect the lessons learned from these processes will in turn be used to justify later amendments to waste collections, wherein card and paper waste will be targeted in order to increase funds collected on behalf of the council and thereby  causing our own personal carbon footprints to escalate as we drive to the local tip.

It is quite likely that by 2020 there will be personal carbon tax allowance for every household to administer.

Meanwhile Parking Services can only win by losing as the streets slowly fill with cars, which continue to clog through an ever-growing burden of commuters.

Eventually there will be more parking infringements and obstructions than parking wardens to service them. With no one able to move their cars by the end of the day.

They will each have parked the other in and the cyclists will look oh so smug then! Until a car door opens into them. I keep the hope by the time summer has been and gone and we each are focussed once more upon the daily treadmill that these comedy of errors we have seen in the last few weeks will be archived in learning and not farcically repeated anew.

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