Aggressive drivers still apparently feel no shame…

By Nik Butler

Driving in Horsham, I have come to recognise that, despite my observing the speed limits, cars that  follow me will drive close enough for me to lose sight of their bonnets in my mirrors, or they will try to overtake me regardless of the view ahead on the road. When those drivers succeed in overtaking they are only one car in front as we both come to stop at a junction.

They may arrive a few moments earlier at their destination while dramatically increasing the risk of serious injuries or death to themselves and others. If they will do this when the limit is 30mph, what will it mean if we dropped our speed down to 20mph? Sure, there is every indication, apart from those on their cars, that they will continue to overtake, but at least they won’t be accelerating to speeds which I can only guess as being above 40mph in order to do so.

My experiences of 20mph limits in Brighton shows cars not only stick to the limits but they rarely tailgate with such alarming proximity.

With a few fresh faces and some previously positioned candidates soon to be enrolled into the county council I feel it is time to revisit the issue of speeding in our residential and town roads – to raise anew the conversation around  the Facebook group “20s Plenty for Horsham”. While the social acceptance of observing the speed limit is negligible, there is simply no level of public shame or embarrassment associated with driving in an aggressive fashion.

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