Students mark Women’s Day at college

Collyer’s students supported the 102nd International Women’s Day by running one of the thousands of events that occurred worldwide to celebrate women’s progress and rally against inequality.

Collyer’s student Evie Hull said: “I’m incredibly proud of everyone who helped on the day, contributed items to sell or donated money. The college Feminist Society ran the event, but these issues that we’re tackling transcend ideologies  and are fundamental human rights, so I think it’s wonderful that everyone participated. We ran a cake sale – because what do students love more than cake?”

Student and FemSoc member, Sophie Morrow: “I felt really proud of how well we showed solidarity with women all over the world.”

Student and FemSoc member Katie Auckland said: “I am thoroughly proud of our achievements today, and working with these brilliant girls and guys have really opened my eyes as to what we are capable of.”

In addition to the cake sale, an information centre, created by the students to raise awareness, was extremely busy and well received. It also gave people a good idea of where there the money raised would go and make an impact.

Evie Hull added: “We managed to raise £200 for Oxfam, which was a fantastic effort”.

Melanie Russell, Assistant Principal at Collyer’s was delighted with the event: “The Collyer’s community really embraced International Women’s Day.

“Huge thanks must go to Evie and all of the students who have worked extremely hard to create such a wonderful event.”

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