Road safety action day in Horsham

Four commercial vehicles were prohibited as unroadworthy in a joint operation in Horsham between Sussex Police, the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA), the Company Operator Safer Transport Scheme (COSTS) and the Highways Authority.

 In addition, 20 drivers were reported for offences including driving without seatbelts, using mobile phones, having defective tyres and speeding.

 Sergeant Bob Trevis from Sussex Police said: “It is clear that many people across the Horsham District have concerns regarding road safety and related issues. We targeted our actions on this occasion in Cowfold, Southwater and Horsham town where the residents have made clear to us they have specific concerns they wanted addressing. Enforcement alone will not deal with road safety issues; education is a very effective tool and many of our activities on the day included this.

 “The community engagement event held at Lintot Square proved to be very successful giving the opportunity for members of the public to speak to representatives from the emergency services. We visited local schools to speak with children and parents who were collecting them at the end of the day. We also visited local companies running vehicle fleets to ensure they are run legally and to raise awareness.

 “Highly visible checks were conducted across the areas, resulting in 20 drivers being reported for a variety of offences including driving without seat belts, using a mobile phone, speeding and defective tyres. Colleagues from VOSA prohibited four commercial vehicles which were unroadworthy. Many other drivers received advice on various issues.

 “Plans are already in place for follow up actions to reinforce the messages.”

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