Outlet is a sweet treat for Horsham foodies

Earlier this week a brand new ice cream parlour and pancake house opened in Piries Place, Horsham. Sugar and Snow uses the freshest ingredients and makes all ice cream on site.

Co-owner Rachel Imhoff said: “It’s a place to have a treat – an ice cream sundae, American style breakfasts, pancakes and waffles.

“We also do crepes, Belgian waffles, and Liege waffles. We also do smoothies, mocktails and floats and everything is available to eat in or take away. We make all our ice cream on site and offer 30 different flavours of ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt.

“We have a large selection of sundaes and you can have them small, sharing size, or you can create your own from lots of different flavours, syrups, and toppings.”

Some of the flavours available include choc chip, mint choc chip, vanilla, liquorice, cookie dough, cotton candy, rum and raisin, and Turkish delight.

Rachel added: “The menu will change seasonally, and we will have specials which will also frequently change.

“We’re all from Horsham and we love Horsham. It’s becoming a real foodie town and we see a lot of people who are passionate about good food. We’ve always felt it is the right place for us.

“I have experience managing a delicatessen, my husband Stephen has had 15 years’ experience in catering, and he really wanted to do something new that he could really be passionate about.

“My husband wanted to start his own business and we assessed our passions and dreams and we really wanted to open an ice cream parlour together.

“We then bumped into Sylwia Reed, who is a co-owner, and it turned out we shared the same dream.”

The parlour officially opened on Wednesday and is enjoying its first week of business.

Rachel said: “There are great stores here and we hope we can bring more footfall and interest into this side of town and help boost local business. A lot of people want to take their kids out for a treat or out for ice cream. It’s nice to go out as a family for ice cream.”

To find out more about Sugar and Snow see or find them on Facebook at They are also on twitter @sugarand

Sugar and snow is located in Piries Place and is open late til 9pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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